About Us

In mid 2005, Patricia Mullins and John Kirkpatrick, working as Equus Art Pty Ltd, completed the restoration of the Melbourne Zoo Carousel.  Having lived in inner city Melbourne for some time we decided that it may be time for a tree change, primarily to bring the horse restoration business and Patricia’s art works to a new, hopefully peaceful and healthy country environment. We investigated the Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and Beechworth and then remembered one of our favourite parts of Victoria, the Pyrenees Ranges and Moonambel in particular. Our first visit in 1987 revealed established wineries but little accommodation.  It wasn’t until 2000 that we discovered one of the best self catering options in central Victoria, Tandamuki Cottage.  Numerous stays at Tandamuki developed friendships within the community and by 2005 it was a comfortable choice for a move.

106 Black Mares Lane was available, but with options we had not initially factored in.  Olive Trees and Shiraz and Cabernet grapes sounded ineresting but also a lot of work.  But, hey… the property had it’s own amphitheatre to look down on and 360 degree views of wineries and the ranges.  For Patricia it was perhaps an easier choice, wooden horses could be restored in a wonderful open environment and our collection of horses and Patricia’s artworks could be displayed too.  John had worked mainly in the fields of Human Resources Management and IT Project Management, so maybe flora and fauna management could work too.