L’Impératrice Syrah 2010


The 2010 L’Impératrice is a Syrah blend consisting of 80% Shiraz and 20% Cabernet grown at the Equus @ Moonambel Vineyard.

Definitely a unique wine as the shiraz and cabernet grapes were picked on the same day and co-fermented. This has produced a velvety smooth, very full-bodied, plummy, spicy wine.
Alcohol is restrained at 13.7% and the tannins are beautifully balanced on the back palate. An elegant wine.

Our best seller, get in quick!

The label pictures Empress Eugenie, married to Napoleon III. Her grandfather was William Kirkpatrick. William was a wine negotiant and vigneron in Malaga, Spain. This family relationship to the owners of Equus @ Moonambel inspired our premium range of Syrah.

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